Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A love triangle

There was a girl and a boy in love. During the first couple of months they were very happy and had confidence that their relationship will work. After few months their relationship got weak, they broke up. The boy found a good friend from internet. (More detail). Girl found about her ex-bf’s close friend, so they had a fight, this close friend says his ex-gf is jealous of her. I know I am nobody to write something about other’s life, I am just trying to cover a hot story going on blogosphere, hope you wouldn’t mind. Today I had a chat with both girls in the story, but I don’t wanna say anything base on what they have told me. It's unfair to post the chat log na?

Image from my flickr, this image may not suite with the story still don’t wanted to use images from deviant art, because some says blogosphere is littered with images from deviant art

Disclaimer: the article is based on the posts from Irey, un-Jamming and Saalika’s blog

Friday, May 2, 2008

A typical maldivian girl

I wonder what’s so special in these Hindi dramas you girls watch. As far I know story is just same as L0$t !n d@ DaRkn3ss said in her post What a Dr@ma “the starting are happy, u have perfect lover, perfect friendship..etc n then it shows love triangle, betrayal, breakups n losing loved ones..n finally happy ending...” still u would sacrifice ur valuable time to watch these silly dramas. What does u get by watching the same thing again and again? Just waste of time!

Disclaimer : this is not the case with all the girls
Image from google search
Post title found on my chatlog with someone on 29/03/08 2:39:16 AM :P
Thursday, May 1, 2008

She has a Boyfriend

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