Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who is blog police?

I donno whom to suspect, I donno much of people in here. And most of you donno me even.

maail says nass is the blogpolice. I donno nass. So I can’t say its nass. I can only talk about people i know

Бέþþŷ Ïяåm: She is one of my closest friend, I am sure she wouldn’t know all the names, even she is the blogpolice she will tell me

s[u]jau: We live together in malay he introduce me to blogosphere, his exams are also coming up, he wouldn’t have time to do such a hard work.

Liprina: she is like a sister to me. She shares everything with me. I am sure she will tell me if she is the blogpolice

Z!yAu: we live in the same apartment in malay. He is more of an artist. He can’t be the blogpolice

blinkgurl: she is a chat buddy. I donno much about her I can’t say she is the blogpolice or not.

Professore: i know him since I was in school, I can’t say he is the blogpolice or not.

§hâV¦¥ÃñÎ: i met her from blogosphere. Now we chat in msn but i donno much about her.

What I think about these people maybe wrong, I can’t judge them base on how I feel about them.

Oh! You may think I am the blogpolice, I don’t have enough time to update my site, my blog and my flickr, and how I can go for another blog.

So who is this blogpolice?

Whoever the blogpolice is I will say blogpolice is doing a really cool job.. keep up the good work.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I wish.....

I wish you were here with me....

I wish you were next to me....

I wish I could touch you....

I wish I could hold your hand....

I wish I could feel you....

I wish I could hold you in my arms....

I wish all these wishes come true....
Saturday, September 15, 2007

Affections of my heart

Having thoughts of you
As I am writing today
I do care so much more
Than my words can say

Still it's through my pen
Where I try to provide

The warmth you give me

From the feelings inside

It was from the first hello

you no less
My feelings have grown

Into pleasures I express

Those constant thoughts

Words I often impart

So special you became

In affections of my heart
Monday, September 10, 2007

Always on my mind

Day and night your always on my mind,
I keep thinking of you,
your one of a kind,
There will never be another girl like you,
Your so sweet in everything you do,
The things you say to me always make me smile,
When I’m talking to you it’s all worthwhile,
When I feel down all I need is to hear your voice to turn my frown around
You always know the right things to say,
When I’m talking to you my skies are never grey,
When its late at night and I lay in my bed,
And thoughts of you pop in my head,
I go to my window and look at the stars shining so bright,
Giving me a sign that this is right,
I wish that you think of me as I think of you,
Then I go to sleep and dream of you too,
As I wake it’s the same routine again warm days and nights thinking of you!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Internet Love...

As I sit next my pc, trying to post something to my blog. All that came to my mind was you my angel. I miss u so much. I know now it’s only 3 months left for the day we meet. Still every day without you seems like ages. We have plans to do so many things together, remember the walk on hulhumale’ beach. We have been together so long but never met each other, still I trust you more than myself. People say internet love doesn’t work. But we became this close from msn chat, I don’t care what they believe, I believe in you....

Buddy bloggers this is just an imaginary story... you guys know I am good to imagine ....

So tell me what you think about internet love, egay ennu mibunee chat kohgen bitun setu kurun. Do you think this works?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First moment of my life

As I opened my eyes I saw so many things for the first time ...

Different colours... different shapes....

And I could hear different voices, I had no idea what I was hearing...

As I breathe for the first time, it felt so good I donno how to explain

And I can feel people toughing me, smiling and saying something but i didn’t understand anything

All I did was cry.. cry.. I was so afraid but people around me was smiling they seems very happy

This is all I could remember that was long ago na..... hehe

Anyone of you remember about this moment

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Some things are really hard to say.....

How much you mean to me?

How much I care about you?

How much I trust you?

How much I miss you?

How much I love you?

If I say you mean the world to me, still I think you mean more than that to me!!!

If I say I care you more than anything still it doesn’t say how much!!!

If I say I trust you more than myself, how much I trust myself???

If I say I miss you so much, how much is so much???

If I say I love you alot, alot doesnt determine the exact!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

A broken dream.....

In life we have so many dreams. All of them don’t come true. Sometime dreams are so true. You realize that’s a dream, only when it doesn’t come true. I also once had a dream. It was so real and I thought that’s the realty and that is my future. But everything changed everything I saw was a fake my dream was broken. I was really hurt because I wanted that dream to come true. Anyway all dreams don’t come true so I have forgotten all about it. After that I had I better dreams than that. And it came true....... friends keep on dreaming dreams do come true

Do you know all these

Where in the World ...

…is Count Dracula's castle?

In the Transylvania region of Romania. The castle where the historical Dracula was born still stands in the town of Sighisoara.
…is a whole country a desert?
There is a saying that Djibouti, in Africa, is “too hot for the devil.” It's a hot, dry, desert country where less than 1 square mile is farmland.
…would you go for a safari?
To Nairobi, Kenya, in Africa, the world's center for tourist safaris.
…can you find the Temple of the Tooth?
In Kandy, Sri Lanka, where Buddhists built a temple to honor Buddha's tooth. Every year great festivals are held here.
…does a country's government know who owns which trees?
In Oman, in the Mideast. Its date palms are so valuable, the country keeps a list of who owns which trees.
…can you ride with gauchos?
In South America, cowboys are known as gauchos. Argentina is one of the countries where gauchos herd sheep and cattle.
…was pizza first made?
Naples, Italy, is the home of the pizza. Neapolitan women first created pizza pies about 200 years ago.
…are there baby palaces?
In North Korea, nursery schools run by the government are called palaces.
…are the streets “paved” with water?
In Venice, Italy, the streets are canals, and the people move about on boats called gondolas.
…can you lead a double life?
Andorra, a country sandwiched between Spain and France, is ruled by co-princes, one Spanish, one French. There are two post offices, school systems, and courts.
…are the streets of the board game Monopoly?
You'll find Boardwalk, Park Place, Baltic Avenue, and all the rest in Atlantic City, N.J..
…would you go for a Nobel Prize?
Stockholm, Sweden, is the home of the Nobel Prize , which is awarded yearly to people who have made extraordinary contributions to world peace, the sciences, literature, and medicine. The Nobel Peace Prize is presented in Olso, Norway.
…is London Bridge?
The old granite bridge that was always falling down was taken apart in London, shipped to the U.S., and rebuilt in Arizona. A new concrete bridge was built in London.
…would you find the queen of Sheba's kingdom?
Yemen, in the Middle East, was once the kingdom of the queen of Sheba.
…is a shaky country?
New Zealanders call their country “shaky country” because about 400 earthquakes rock it yearly.
…can you throw snowballs across the equator?
In Ecuador, South America, a country named after the equator. It is the only country where both the temperature and the latitude reach zero. There are glaciers in the high mountains of this equatorial country.
…is King Arthur buried?
An ancient monastery in Glastonbury, England, is said to be the burial place of King Arthur and the sword Excalibur.
…is Sherwood Forest?
In Nottinghamshire, England. At one time it was the royal hunting grounds for the king of England; now it is under the protection of the British Forestry Commission.
…is the home of the yodel?
In the Swiss Alps, where cow herders first yodeled to call from the mountains to the meadows. Yodelerfests are held yearly in Engelberg, Switzerland.
…are Dorothy's ruby slippers?
The slippers worn by Judy Garland in the movie The Wizard of Oz are in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
…is the home of bullfights?
Seville, Spain, is known as the bullfighting capital of the world.

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