Thursday, September 27, 2007

Who is blog police?

I donno whom to suspect, I donno much of people in here. And most of you donno me even.

maail says nass is the blogpolice. I donno nass. So I can’t say its nass. I can only talk about people i know

Бέþþŷ Ïяåm: She is one of my closest friend, I am sure she wouldn’t know all the names, even she is the blogpolice she will tell me

s[u]jau: We live together in malay he introduce me to blogosphere, his exams are also coming up, he wouldn’t have time to do such a hard work.

Liprina: she is like a sister to me. She shares everything with me. I am sure she will tell me if she is the blogpolice

Z!yAu: we live in the same apartment in malay. He is more of an artist. He can’t be the blogpolice

blinkgurl: she is a chat buddy. I donno much about her I can’t say she is the blogpolice or not.

Professore: i know him since I was in school, I can’t say he is the blogpolice or not.

§hâV¦¥ÃñÎ: i met her from blogosphere. Now we chat in msn but i donno much about her.

What I think about these people maybe wrong, I can’t judge them base on how I feel about them.

Oh! You may think I am the blogpolice, I don’t have enough time to update my site, my blog and my flickr, and how I can go for another blog.

So who is this blogpolice?

Whoever the blogpolice is I will say blogpolice is doing a really cool job.. keep up the good work.


shweetikle said...

my heart says that its none of the above..absolutely not nass..and i dun think its maail dhombs..

and i think i kno who that is..hmm..but im sure that person wouldn't want his/her name to be mentioned o.O

Anonymous said...

jeezuz ppl! it's not me for godssake. Thanks Simon!!!!

LIL GIRL said...

the mysterious blog police!

iecco said...

hehe hmm.. who is that!

yaittey said...

yea! blogpolice aslu varah salhi! but i'm rele confused here! NASS is a gurl or a boy?? :S

Unknown said...

hehe all i want to say is thats kewl bloggy..n who eva is doin that..its really gr8 n keep it up..cheeers..
n dhiking..kewl post..n kewl buddy.

Ameer said...

Oh! the mysterious blog police....

Anonymous said...

I know who it is now...tee hee

And yea Yaittey...Nass is a girl... ;)

Anonymous said...

I know who it is now...tee hee

And yea Yaittey...Nass is a girl... ;)

.mini said...

i know that it's not dhombe
he won't write that my posts are baseless even if it was he wouldn't be so serious dho?
majaa kollaafa dhen
same goes to nass
and nass is a guy yaiitey
pis pis

blinkgurl said...

haha.. majaa ingey!..

omg..nass a gurl... lol lol lol

n ya dhiking...u donno much abt me??? haha... dhen mihaaru ingey varu vaane kanneyge..coz we met ennu.. i think only once dho?? ;) hehehehehhe..

me too donno much of people in here.. so neyge blog police aky kaaku kameh,,, thikamaa nuves visnan...

MrMaldivian said...

its a lot of work. Policing blog is more kinda like statistics

odium said...

aan blog police dhooo...*wonderin who its*

s[u]jau said...

why are u so interested in knowing who it is? wondering.. it could be you.. or why bother?

foniboki said...

Is it me?

My Ɛ-JoůrnåL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Ɛ-JoůrnåL said...

hey darling, kwl post! yeah blog police is doing a nice job! oh n btw... its not me ingey! u r right cox if it ws me... u'll b the first to knw dho! n i jz started blogging, u'll knw i'm still at the learning stage ennu! n dunno no one except very very few... cheeeeeeers.... luv u!

Anonymous said...

well like shweet thinks,.. i also dont think that it cud any of the above

Anonymous said...

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