Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hope I am not making you bored

Finally exam is over, dont ask me how it was :D.

I will be in male' in 24th, hope to c u guys.

Guess wat someone is geting a new phone :P

And i am going to meet someone very special for the first time.

Hey I am going on a date with her for the first time :D

Can anyone help me... how i can make this date wonderful.


Anonymous said...

well best of luck bro, hope to c ya

.mini said...

first of all, dont write about it in your blog!
your gf will see it!
ask someone :P
through msn or whatever :P

goodluck with everything :D

iecco said...

wonder who this someone is :P anyways yeah ask someone on msn :P u probably shud be in male now right?

Anonymous said...

i have given u clear cut explaination! hope u would do!

*dot said...

i cant tell it to u here =P like .mini said! then it wont be a super suprise giftly date ennu. heheheh.. hope it goes well buddy =) gudluck

*,*AMY LEE*.* said...

hi first
im amy lee from egypt
i like ur blogg so much

and i can say...
well..if u love her ..u can simply say i really love u with all my heart
ithink it is enogh...she will feel that

well..nice to meet u
tak care of her ;)

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