Thursday, January 17, 2008

My angel's birthday

Ever so guided under a lonely night,
Watching the shining stars under the midnight sky,
Solemnly sitting on the porch gazing above,
Can only feel tears running down my cheeks on my angel's birthday.

So she's on the other side of the world happy and merry,
Unwrapping all her birthday gifts and chocolates,
Laughing with friends and enjoying a wholesome dinner,
While I'm on the other side of the world waiting for her.

So I get up and move towards the dark pavement,
Sit there thoughtfully and look at our portrait picture,
My hands are now shaking as they touch the glassy frame,
Only wouldn't I feel tremulous if you were there.

So I lay down on the grass near the pavement,
Hoping my angel will celebrate her next birthday with me,
Mixed feelings run on my face accumulated with smiles and tears,
Hoping to have the capacity to hold them for a long time.


Anonymous said...

.....Can only feel tears running down my cheeks on my angel's birthday.....

mashah ves rovijje :P

Anonymous said...

i hope so too, that u get to be with your angel on her next birthday. good luck dude :)
nicely written

s!LenT said...

hope ur angel wil be wid u on her nxt b' day...wish u all da best
cheer up....;)

Anonymous said...

hmm hmm

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