Thursday, April 10, 2008


Waiting is really painful..

Specially if u r waiting for someone so curiously

Time seems to go so slow

Even one minute seems like ages

And we always wish if we could do something to make time go faster

So I decided to write this post while waiting...

Oh damn I still have to wait...


Anonymous said...

"good things come to those who wait"

:) smile

at last update kurevijje dho :P gud gud..

blinkgurl said...

Itz very tough to wait for someone!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

well, let me speak something here. I personally dont agree with 'thewitch!' Good things dont always some to those who wait - to those who wait early craving for what they want. Those who wait sometimes have to 'die at fulhahbuguga'(well, u might not get this :P)

Anyway, dhinking, why are u so concerned about ur waits? Wouldnt u think it would be more painful when u keep people waiting? :D

iecco said...

waiting is hard.. it cud be reali painful too.
but if u wait for somethin which is worth waitin
then its totaly worth it

.mini said...

i agree with what suju has said
the above part

and good luck with the waiting :D

HRMaster said...

About Waiting who will know better than me.Coz i hav face several situation related of really makes ppl krazzy

DhiKing said...

Mywitchyangel: ya gud things happen to those who wait, but that nite she never came :P, but it was nt her fault;)

blink: thanx

Suju: is there any1 waiting for me :S

i-kko: ofcoz its worth waiting

.mini: thanx

hrm: ya this really makes me crazy too

Anonymous said...

well, u better figure it out urself

~ange|~ said...

waitin is hard work n whenit turns out the other way then wht u expected its even worse

shai said...

waiting is worth if ur wait is worth waiting........

MYSTIQUE said...

i agree wid devilsclone!

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