Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A love triangle

There was a girl and a boy in love. During the first couple of months they were very happy and had confidence that their relationship will work. After few months their relationship got weak, they broke up. The boy found a good friend from internet. (More detail). Girl found about her ex-bf’s close friend, so they had a fight, this close friend says his ex-gf is jealous of her. I know I am nobody to write something about other’s life, I am just trying to cover a hot story going on blogosphere, hope you wouldn’t mind. Today I had a chat with both girls in the story, but I don’t wanna say anything base on what they have told me. It's unfair to post the chat log na?

Image from my flickr, this image may not suite with the story still don’t wanted to use images from deviant art, because some says blogosphere is littered with images from deviant art

Disclaimer: the article is based on the posts from Irey, un-Jamming and Saalika’s blog


Anonymous said...

It's unfair to even post about it because it is none of your business. You really can't keep your nose out of other peoples business can you? Sod off!

Anonymous said...

its kinda kool u did it. i havent noticed all those blogs.and they are not easy to read.log posts,horrible templates and style,you did it for ppl like me. so thnx. but these are too common stories.stuhpid teen lovers!

HRMaster said...

koooool. after this post u have made equal enemies and equal friendeez... think so

Anonymous said...

just leave other's business to themselves n try to resolve ur own probs. Life would be more worthwhile then :D

Muuthi said...

summary of wats happenning dhoa..
and best guess..golhaa is someone whose related..

Anonymous said...

I dont know whats up dear. But thats a good post any way. So given a badge for you. See mine

.mini said...

dhen fennaany thalhaiganna thann
ei emme majaa iru

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