Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Distance Relationship.

Sometimes distance relationship sucks. Most of the time all you get from it is pain... pain of missing her. There times your plans doesn’t work the way you both planed... plans to spend time together. These times you feel like giving up... giving up all those dreams you had together. And even your close friends also think negatively rather than giving you hope... hope that everything will be ok. But there are some sweet friends they are always with you... friend always give you hope. In the end all it matters is how much you trust them how strong is your relationship. So for those who are in a distance relationship, I would say think of the moments you shared together, and for those who never met think how would you feel when you meet for the first time. Good things come to those who wait... and some things are really worth waiting. :)

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MN said...


thewitchyangel said...

" My Darlin, with u on ur side of the world n me on mine.
what only makes it bearable is knowin in 12 hrs time.
the same sun that brighten ur day is the same sun, which now lights my way
The same moonlight which shines over ur head will be the same moonlight which creeps into my bed
knwing that stars u see as u close ur eyes will soon be filling my evening skies
The winds that caressed u and blew thru ur raven black hair will soon b carrying the scent of ur body in the air
Darling i know the tears which fall from ur eyes will soon b the raindrops which fall from my skies
So u see my darling if this is true
12 hours from now i will b there with u" -steven Boling-

DhiKing said...

@the nass - :)

@thewitchyangel - sweeeeeet ummmmmwwwwah

Nomad Diplomat said...

I agree with all the stuff u say abt long distance. It does suck & it takes a lot to survive through it. But it works...pure hard work and commitment!

Might wanna check this out

HRMaster said...

now thats called a hope giving comment witcy..did u see dhiking not only friends give hope but also most of the time ur mostbeloved one gives u the sweetest strength of waiting

Anonymous said...

personally, based on my experience, i wouldnt recommend a long distance relationship just like that. I was told that 98% of the long relationship fails. Missing someone everyday sucks - the feeling of absence of smell of the partner, or not knowing the beauty in person, unable to see the physical changes, are really hard to digest.

But of course; if you are committed enough for one, there is no harm in getting into/ or proceeding with one.

If you seriously think, you would like to continue a distance relationship and stick with the 2%, i recomment these things;

1. Talk everyday.
2. Do things together: Talk is not enough. Listen to a song together, or watch Gossipgirl together.
3. Talk about future as much as u can ;)
4. Make use of virtual world, (being naked infront of webcam)
5. Think positive always ;)

Goodluck! and prove the world its not only 2% that succeed in distance relationships.

Anonymous said...

false hope, in the end it love hurts!!

f@ash said...

Nice one...hehe...long distance relationship really sucks...u kno wat i mean right!!!!

lilac said...

well nice post is really a hard thing but distance is not the end of the world in a relationship if it is based on trust,commitment &love.
its just a time of patience .As u said good things always cum to those who wait :)

Cute Kat Princez said...

i totally agree....

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