Saturday, September 15, 2007

Affections of my heart

Having thoughts of you
As I am writing today
I do care so much more
Than my words can say

Still it's through my pen
Where I try to provide

The warmth you give me

From the feelings inside

It was from the first hello

you no less
My feelings have grown

Into pleasures I express

Those constant thoughts

Words I often impart

So special you became

In affections of my heart


Mohamed Sauzam ( Saizan ) said...

hey nice is realy nice..keep it uo the gud work..cheers

.mini said...

its really nice
i actually read it you know
its sweet and just.. sweet!

odium said...

very sweet n touchin :)

Ғоявιđđзи тоизѕ said...

salhi ^^

s[u]jau said...

wel ritten

Anonymous said...


Ameer said...

Nice post. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

this one's good..

Anonymous said...

very cute post.. i like that

blinkgurl said...

so sweeet ... ;)

DhiKing said...

thanx all

stranger said...

varah loabi.. :D

LIL GIRL said...

v.touchyyy :)
nice post

My Ɛ-JoůrnåL said...

Hey its really nice.... a gud piece of writting! keep it up darling!

white flower said...

u can rhyme :D ... thats soo cool... btw loabi poem

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